Tuesday, November 18, 2014

LeapFrog LearningSet Volume Two (Three-Disc DVD CD), My students love the songs in my opinion

The yesterday. I search for information on the LeapFrog LearningSet Volume Two (Three-Disc DVD CD), so i would like to describe here.

LeapFrog LearningSet Volume Two (Three-Disc

Includes 3 LeapFrog DVDs teaching reading and math skills plus a Learning Songs Music CD featuring 13 songs teaching ABCs days of the week counting and more Math Adventure to the Moonx2122 Join Tad and Lily as they blast off on an exciting educational adventure Tad and Lily need the perfect collection of things to take to school for their math assignment. When they finally decide .... Read more or Check Price

Comments from other users

My students love songs. The ABC song is not the same letter of the song factory ABC but my kindergarten class loves. E ' part outside routine morning . by farmer

Just what I needed for my three years old son.. Thanks leapfrog product is so great by Grace Esambe

Love Leapfrog So educational and fun for kids to learn numbers and ABCS. No matter how old the child is Leapfrog is fun for all ages by Alvarez

"I love the LeapFrog learning cd collection ""Amo la LeapFrog collezione apprendimento cd """"""I use the DVD in my class during hand washing and teeth brushing time""Io uso il dvd nella mia classe durante il lavaggio delle mani e dei denti spazzolatura tempo""""""it""I love the"1truefalse917030"LeapFrog"2truefalse996340"learning"3truefalse988450"cd"4truefalse988560"collection"5truefalse988670""6falsefalse996780"I use"15truefalse580021"the DVD"16truefalse557241"in my class"17truefalse557471"during"18truefalse980781"hand washing"19truefalse9798101"and teeth"20truefalse99110121"brushing"21truefalse99912131"time"22truefalse99913141"Amo la"1"I love the"917truefalse"I love"3truefalse"I like the"0truefalse"Love the"0truefalse"Love"0truefalse06"Amo la LeapFrog collezione apprendimento cd ""LeapFrog"2"LeapFrog"996truefalse"the LeapFrog"0truefalse715"""apprendimento"3"learning"988truefalse"learn"0truefalse"the learning"0truefalse2740"""cd"4"cd"988truefalse"called"0truefalse"cds"0truefalse"the CD"0truefalse4143"""collezione"5"collection"988truefalse"the collection"0truefalse"Collectible"0truefalse1626""""6""996falsefalse4445"""Io uso"15"I use"580truefalse"I will use"0truefalse06"Io uso il dvd nella mia classe durante il lavaggio delle mani e dei denti spazzolatura tempo""il dvd"16"the DVD"557truefalse"DVD"0truefalse"your DVD"0truefalse"from DVD"0truefalse"a DVD"0truefalse713"""nella mia classe"17"in my class"557truefalse"in my classroom"5truefalse"in my classes"0truefalse"into my classroom"0truefalse1430"""durante"18"during"980truefalse"at"0truefalse"in"0truefalse"while"0truefalse"when"0truefalse3138"""il lavaggio delle mani"19"hand washing"979truefalse"the washing of hands"0truefalse"washing hands"0truefalse"handwashing"0truefalse3961"""e dei denti"20"and teeth"991truefalse"and dental"0truefalse"Cogs and"0truefalse6273"""spazzolatura"21"brushing"999truefalse"brush"0truefalse"brushed"0truefalse7486"""tempo"22"time"999truefalse"long"0truefalse"weather"0truefalse8792"""Amo la LeapFrog collezione apprendimento CD Io uso il DVD nella mia classe durante il lavaggio delle mani e dei denti spazzolatura tempo"6"it"88. by Beth Blasingame


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